Jupp Gauchel Rhythm & Greens – Editorial

Billingual catalogue for the exhibition „Rhythm & Greens“ of Karlsruhe artist Jupp Gauchel from 24.04.2010 to 06.06.2010 at Kunstverein Rastatt.

Jupp Gauchel generates simple geometric drawings on the computer, which are realized as laminate boards.

The catalogue presents chronologically three laminate board series, each with introducing text, the used limited color and texture palette and a text of Volker Fischer.

According to Jupp Gauchels approach the layout of the catalogue is based on a rational system of rules. A horizontal layout in two columns framed by a one centimeter margin, two centimeters at the inside margin. A vertical division in two respectively four parts. Images are aligned at the bottom border. Rhythm & Greens.

Jupp Gauchel