office for visual communication is a design studio focussed on user-interface- and corporate design for the engineering/industrial sector.

becoming was founded in 2004 by Frank Dinger. Frank studied architecture at the KIT Karlsruhe Institute for Technology. During his architecture study he began to focus on interactive media and collaborated as a designer on the research project ‘computerbased integrated planning’ at ifib (research institute for industrial building production), founded by game-changing swiss architect Fritz Haller.
After his studies up to 2004 Frank worked as an user-interface- and corporate designer for companies hived off this research institute: digitales bauen (planning integration), kopsis (online collaboration), RaumComputer (building automation).

what we offer
becoming, the name reflects the offices analytical and iterative process of creation. Our methodology offers a high degree of collaboration with the client, distilling the client’s strategic requirements leading to robust, bespoke design outcome.
It is our aim to deliver beyond expectation.

user interface design
Interface and interaction design for websites and applications

An analytical and consultative phase to shape goals

brand identity
Development of visual identity: signet/logotype, typography, colour palette, imagery, stationery system, presentation, brochure

icon design
From 2D linear to 3D photo-illustrative icons for user interfaces

Design manual with documentation of the visual guidelines

front-end build
HTML / CSS development for websites and applications

In 2011 becoming received a reddot communication design award for the design of the art catalogue ‘Jupp Gauchel Rhythm & Greens’.